is the longest running organization in Eastern Virginia comprised of members of many different Agencies, Businesses and Media companies that serves the Advertising/Marketing community as a whole.  Also known since the 1950s as the Tidewater Ad Club or Ad Club of Hampton Roads, we bring people together at various events celebrating:



  • EVENTS: Featuring various learning and networking events offered by AAF, partnership events with AIGA (The Creatives Club of Hampton Roads) and AMA (Hampton Roads chapter of the same national organization) and partnerships with schools-businesses-publishers and others offering topical information helpful to people working in modern Advertising/Marketing.

American Advertising Awards/ aka: "The Addys" are now open for entries!


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NEW DEADLINES as of 2/8/2021:  Because we've been made aware many entrants did not get our BULK CALL FOR ENTRY emails earlier in Jan/Feb and we found out late last week, we have EXTENDED the ON-TIME entry deadline to Friday 2/12 at 6pm.  No Late Fees until after 6pm this Friday.

On-Time Pro entry by 2/9/21.  LATE Pro entry by 2/12/21  

All STUDENT entries must be recieved by 2/12/21

2020 was a tough year on those with underlying health conditions, the elderly, business and everyone who felt isolated and a bit removed from those important to us.  A crisis like a pandemic does these sorts of things but life goes on.  Fear leading to fatigue and the return of uncertainty for the next three to six months while vaccines make their way to the public present an even greater need for us to return to things that are familiar.  We all need things that give joy, hope and excitement now.

Our community and the nation needs emotional as well as direct messages on the “whats/whens/wheres/& whys” of businesses brands and benefits to provide trust and guidance.  Advertising fosters relationships between businesses and customers.  Advertising’s job, YOUR JOB is important for our country and that makes what you do an ESSENTIAL need to bring our nation together.  There were touching, moving and perceptive ad messages that reflected peoples emotions in 2020, delivered reassurance and simply acknowledged however you felt was ok if that's how you coped to move forward.  Whatever the emotional and linear itch your ads scratched, now is the time to share those and recieve the recognition for your company and yourself.  It's time to enter THE AMERICAN ADVERTISING AWARDS for 2021.

The main requirements for Professional entries are that the work had to actually be used in paid execution somewhere in the nation in the 12 month period ending 12/31/2020 to be entered in this year's contest.

Because of social distancing, we will not be doing a physical creative "TAKE IN" day.  That will make the whole process the easiest it's ever been to enter the AMERICAN ADVERTISING AWARDS ("Addys") for most entrants. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE UPLOADED WITH YOUR ENTRY TO THE AWARDS SITE DIGITALLY.  If you believe a physical copy in addition to your digital upload in needed for a true essence of your entry, you can mail us an ADDITIONAL physical entry we will take into account during local judging.  No physical entries will forward to the REGIONAL or NATIONAL competition though.  For details on how to submit a physical copy of your digital upload, click on the ENTER link for complete details on that and all other entry questions.

Find more information on entering for the 2021 AMERICAN ADVERTISING AWARDS, click here for pricing and instructions on how to enter your work:

Share your best advertising work with Virginia and the world. Good luck and thank you for both supporting and participating in the ad community happenings where you live with AAF's long running ADDY tradition in Hampton Roads and Richmond.

Questions and comments can be sent to: [email protected]  


Who won an AMERICAN ADVERTISING AWARD in 2020? See at

Yeah, something else the Coronavirus messed up last year was awarding the 2020 winners their due in a public setting.  With the environment between March and now, no time seemed like the right time. But that got us started on a new AMERICAN ADVERTISING AWARDS monument to all those who have won in 2020 and will grow to provide a lasting record of as many years prior as we can backtrack.

Visit: to see last year's winner's list, all prior SILVER MEDAL WINNERS since the medal was first awarded and as we grow it the actual creative that was award worthy from the past several years.

Thanks go to 3 WAVES MEDIA for initial site development.



Silver Medal

2020 & 2021 Nominations are now being accepted through APRIL 30, 2021

Click here to nominate someone for this one-of-a-kind recognition of service in both Advertising and our Community 

COVID-19 presented a problem to perform a proper nomination, voting and recognition of a SILVER MEDAL winner for 2020 so we delayed the process until we considered it a safer time to do the process correctly.

2021 will be that year.  So we will award TWO recipients with the prestegious SILVER MEDAL this year, one for 2020 and 2021.  Please consider who you believe has served the commonwealth of Virginia and impacted Hampton Roads with their work in the advertising industry and the community in general in a meaningful and lasting way.  Write a paragraph on who, why and provide some examples of their service and sent that to Cutch Armstrong before April 30th of this year.

All nominations will be tallied and presented to our panel of current SILVER MEDAL recipients then voted on to show the respect deserved to those who have left a lasting legacy on our area and the ad community.

The SILVER MEDAL of the AMERICAN ADVERTISING FEDERATION is (in all non-pandemic years) an annual an acknowledgement of extraordinary service to our area’s residents, in Advertising/Marketing/Communications with best in class creative achievement, business success and longevity along with a track record of setting the pace for all in our field of work for superior grace and admiration of others as a standard bearer for all to look up to and emulate in the way they live their professional life.

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